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Innovative Research. High Impact Training.

With research, we explore how people find great purpose in their lives. We have developed a general model of the process.

With training, we use what we've learned to guide people in finding purpose in their own lives.

(This website offers training for the UConn community. If you are not at UConn and are interested in working with us, please click here).

“I am endlessly appreciative for the role that you played in putting my future in the right direction” - Nick C.

Classes (Fall 2024)

Discover Your Purpose in Life

1. Thurdays, 11:00-12:15  Univ 3820-026  Pagano

2. Thursdays, 3:30-4:45 Univ 1784-021 (Honors FYE) Wright

(Each class is 1 credit)

Workshops (Fall 2024)

Discover Your Purpose in Life

1. October 12 & 13, Saturday & Sunday 1:00-5:00, Storrs Campus


Discover a Purposeful Career

1. October 11, Friday 10-3, Storrs Campus


2. November 9, Saturday 1:00-5:30, Storrs Campus

Signature Training Programs

It took us several years to develop our model of how people find purpose in life. Once we created it, though, we faced a decision: What should we do with it? The traditional academic approach is to publish our work in academic outlets and leave it at that. But, we wanted something more. We wanted to use what we had learned to help people directly.

We offered several impromptu training programs for friends and family that went very well. So, we started offering our training programs on a regular basis for members of the UConn community. Now, we're increasingly getting requests for them from outside of UConn as people learn how well our training works. This training work is deeply gratifying, as we see lives transformed. It also helps us to continually refine our model as we apply it in a real world setting. Currently, we offer these three programs:

Discover Purpose In Your...

Life (1-Credit Class)

Students learn about the science of purpose, and they create plans for their future based on what matters most to them.

Coursework includes presented material, readings, personal reflection, reflective writing, and small group discussion. It finishes with an experiential learning component in which students complete a purpose project.

Ideal for students who want to know where they are going and why.

(Semester long, open to UConn undergrads)

Life (8-Hour Workshop)

Participants explore the possibilities of their lives in every domain--including vocation, relationships, well-being, and recreation.

Workshop includes presented material, personal reflection, reflective writing, and small group discussion. Participants finish by planning three possible lives for themselves.

Ideal for people who want much more for their lives.

(Two four-hour sessions, open to all)

Career (5-Hour Workshop)

Participants focus on purpose as it relates to their careers--both their current work or education and their plans for the future.

Workshop covers how to make existing work much more meaningful as well as how to identify alternative careers that might be more purposeful.

Similar format as the 8-hour Life Workshop but truncated for those who want to focus soley on career matters.

(One session, open to all)