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How Do People Find Life Purpose?

As researchers, we explore this question using various methodologies, including in-depth interviews, surveys, and experiments. Our conceptual model identifies the various pathways through which people find purpose across domains of life. Purpose is found to significantly impact well-being as well as direction in life.

How Can People Find Life Purpose?

As teachers, we offer training programs that teach people how to find purpose in their own lives. These programs encapsulate our research findings in practical, actionable steps for participants. We test their efficacy using pretest- and posttest-measures of purpose. They have a significant effect--moving participants to much greater understanding of their purpose in life.


1-Credit Seminar

The most in-depth exploration of finding life purpose. It meets weekly throughout the semester, which allows students to process what they learn and explore the next stage of finding purpose. Currently available only to UConn students.

2-Day Retreat

An immersive experience for engaging what matters most in life. Being away from the busyness of everyday life facilitates the introspection which, combined with teaching and small group work, creates a powerful experience. Typically on Friday evening and Saturday day.

A Talk

A one-time overview of what purpose is and how to find it. One of our facilitators comes into your class, meeting, or gathering for an engaging presentation. If offers a taste of the purpose journey. We're flexible on the timeframe and content and customize both to fit your needs.


Spring Break Retreat

This retreat will be held on the UConn campus at the start of Spring Break. It meets on Friday, March 10 from 3-7 and Saturday, March 11 from 9-1. It's open to UConn students.

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Summer Staff Training

We will meet for 7-weeks this summer on the UConn Storrs campus. Meeting time will be Wednesdays, date and time TBD. This training session is for UConn staff and faculty.

Classes in Fall, 2023

In fall, 2023 we will offer four different purpose classes aimed at different groups of students, including freshman and honors students. More details will be given soon.

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