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Purpose Research

Where can you find the most trustworthy information about finding purpose? Research. You'll learn about purpose from the research that we conduct as well as our summaries of other researchers' work. The goal is to increase your knowledge of what purpose is and how to discover it for yourself.

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Purpose Training

How can you accelerate the discovery of your own sense of purpose? Training. You'll learn about what purpose is and how most effectively to find it. The goal is to take you from where you are now to where you most want to be.

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Undergraduate Research

Do you want to supercharge your education? Work with us. Each semester, we form teams of talented undergraduate students to conduct research as part of a team. They work with a faculty member in learning and applying social research methods to the study of purpose.

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Case Studies of People who Have Found Purpose

Interviews with Experts who Study Purpose

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The Science and Art of Finding Life Purpose

This class is offered as a 1-credit class to UConn students. It gives an overview of both the study and application of life purpose.

Next offering: Fall 2021

Sophomore Purpose Experience

This class is available to UConn students in their sophomore year. It takes a deep dive into the research and experience of creating a meaningful and purposeful career. The end goal is to understand both the research literature on this topic and have a sense on how to proceed oneself.

Next offering: Spring 2022

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